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It’s not the way I heard it!

“Snow White”, “Red Riding Hood”, “Cinderella”, “Hansel and Gretel”… does it ring a bell? I knew it! They entertained you as a kid so often, how could you forget! These stories are likely ingrained deeply in your brain, more efficiently than mayonnaise drenched chicken salad. But it was during childhood. Sadly, fairy tales are a pleasure of the past for grown ups…

WHAT! Of course not! Hope you didn’t take it seriously. These timeless stories have been told and retold and will be told again in the future. Revisit your childhood heroes with these Fairy tales retold for Young Adults. Good times, new perspectives and nostalgia guaranteed.


Read happily ever after.

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Teens Summer Reading Challenge 2017

From the library to you, people of 12 to 18 years! A way of having more fun. A way of being less bored. Challenges to take. And the best part: rewards along the way. We offer the Teens Summer Reading Challenge to you!

            **Round of applause**              

It’s actually reallllly simple. Visit the library between June 17 and August 17 to sign up. From the following day, tell us about what you are reading to get a ballot for our prize basket.

You’ll get a flyer with special challenges. Complete them and tell us about it. When you complete 5 challenges, you get to play Plinko for a chance to win instant prizes. Plinko can be played once a week only.

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Young Adults books to read before watching the movie

If you are often disappointed in the movies you have watched after reading the book , go the other way around. Reading the book after watching the movie is good too. It’s up to you. Whatever your decision, be aware that every movie ever made has been written first, at least as a script, and a vast amount of those scripts are inspired by books. So, if you like movies, you also like books. It’s logical right? Then, read one of those marvelous books already adapted into a movie or that will get a shot on the big screen soon.


These titles are available, but on Overdrive only.


We do have “A Monster Calls” and “Before I Fall” movies already. Look!

A Monster Calls DVD Before I Fall DVD



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Silver Birch Reading Program

For readers ages 8-12
February 1st – April 30th
Read at least 5 titles from one of the categories and come vote for your favourite!
For every book you read, you will have a chance to win a $10 Gift Card and will receive a leaf to decorate our Silver Birch tree.
You may look at the titles here.
They are on display in the children’s area.
Have a nice read !
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Teen Summer Reading Program

It’s that time of year again! This summer come out to the Belleville Public Library and read a book, for every book you read you can fill out a ballot to win great prices. We will add up the number of pages you read to see which school read the most this summer. Last year you read 46,000 pages! This year we challenge you to read 50,000 or more! The more you read the better chance you have of winning. Starting date is June 28th until Aug. 14th.

Some of the fabulous prices include: $30 Famous Players gift card, $20 Chapters gift card, $ 25 China Gate gift card, $20 Sport Chek Gift Card, and 12 Passes to Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre.

So why not come out and give it a go. You could be the lucky winner!

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