Horror: Nine days without school. Worse: in a row! What are you going to do with all this free time? It‚Äôs actually 216 hours to kill. ūüėģ

Reading would be a nice way to spend a few of those hours, isn’t it? Here are a few wonderful books that could fill your March Break with shivers, tears or laughter, whatever you like.

fallofbutterflies  fragilebones ihuntkillers  ladymidnight  swimthefly  thefirsttimeshedrowned  thirdtwin  dumplin  burningglass

You need another suggestion ?¬†Don’t forget our Green Screen Fun program on Friday March 17th, here at the library. The green screen allows us to use any images you want as a background. We will provide costumes or bring your own and take awesome pictures!

For readers ages 8-12
February 1st РApril 30th
Read at least 5 titles from one of the categories and come vote for your favourite!
For every book you read, you will have a chance to win a $10 Gift Card and will receive a leaf to decorate our Silver Birch tree.
You may look at the titles here.
They are on¬†display in the children’s area.
Have a nice read !

1320173961-love-clipart-14Wikipedia says it’s a song from Haddaway.¬†Wikipedia is not wrong.¬†However, it’s totally off the mark here.

Love is free. Love is powerful. Love is able to give you amazing strength when you find it. Love is also able to put you in the greatest despair when lost. Everyone seeks love and luckily, it can be found in various forms. Most important of all, love has inspired billions of different stories. Here are a few we suggest for you to read!


Dylan is pretty and popular and rich and spoiled. Josh, on the other hand, is a film geek. Their path should never have crossed. But life happens. Dylan accidentally drops her designer purse in a mall fountain and Josh retrieves it for her. However, in exchange for his help, Dylan will have to participate in a documentary Josh needs to make to get into film school. The book is told by the alternate voices of these two characters. The plot is predictable, but the writing is sharp and funny, making Geek Charming a very enjoyable read.


“Graham Fox is reeling after breaking up¬†with his girlfriend and moving to a new city, and school, in his senior year, but he soon finds himself playing wingman to Ethan Frost, who seems to have the art of meeting grils¬†down to a science.” — From the jacket.

Eric Walters get you hooked to the story from the very beginning. Yes, the way Graham and Ethan talk to each other seems unrealistic. Yes, the way they pick up girls is horrible and made me angry. Still, a “date-based” book told by a male is not something you see at every corner of a library and I enjoyed the original perspective of this one.


This book relates an unusual love story: the secret love Tiger Lily shared with¬†Peter Pan, before Wendy set foot on Neverland. Anderson uses Tinker Bell as a narrator, who is actually Tiger Lily’s biggest fan and follows her everywhere. At least, before Peter Pan make is way to her heart… It’s nice to dig deeper into the background of characters we already know, even if they are depicted in a way we are not familiar with. Tiger Lily especially, who is fierce, brave and bold, has a fragile conflicted side we weren’t aware of. It’s a¬†strong tale, darker and more complex than the original fairy tale, and more enchanting for it.


“Though she was¬† born Andrew Hardy, Amanda always knew she was¬† meant to be a girl¬†. After enduring classroom bullies and her father‚Äôs admonishments to toughen up, Amanda moves to Atlanta with her mother for a long, difficult physical transition. Afterward, Amanda returns to her father and a new town in Tennessee. Amanda wishes to go unnoticed, but her beauty attracts friends and potential boyfriends. The more she begins to feel like ‚Äúa normal teenage girl,‚ÄĚ the more she becomes aware of the secrets those around her keep‚ÄĒsecrets that, like hers, have the power to both destroy and liberate. Shifting between Amanda‚Äôs past and present, Russo gently examines the emotional journey of one trans teen, covering acceptable language, gender expectations, and the politics of going ‚Äústealth.‚ÄĚ “– From Publisher Weekly


“Anna is dreading another tourist-filled summer on Dune Island that follows the same routine: beach, ice cream, friends, repeat. That is, until she locks eyes with Will, the gorgeous and sweet guy visiting from New York. Soon, her summer is filled with flirtatious fun as Anna falls head over heels in love.” — From the jacket.


“British teens Hannah and Sam are desperate to rid themselves of their pesky virginities. Each is one of the last of their respective friends to be deflowered, and each is anxious to get it done before heading to university in the fall. When they meet in the bathroom of a party, the sparks that fly are undeniable. Still, the course of true love never runs smoothly, and circumstances turn this chance encounter into a farcical comedy of errors […] Told in Hannah‚Äôs and Sam‚Äôs alternating perspectives, this is at times over the top, although the dramatics certainly add to the fun. American readers will need to adjust to the cultural differences, but this is raunchy, irreverent slapstick in the vein of Louise Rennison‚Äôs Angus, and is likely to attract a similar audience.” — From Booklist

All of these books¬†and many more are available at the Belleville Public Library. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Upcoming programs at the library

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Here are the next Teen Connection programs that will take place at the library.

January 27th, there will be a Party Game Challenge. You’ll need to be¬†a fast thinker if you want to win.


February 3rd, there is a PA Day. I know you’re sad.¬†ūüė¶ If you’re looking for something to do, we’ll be showing 2 movies on the big screen at the library. There will be Beauty and the Beast in the¬†morning at 10:45, and Pete’s Dragon in the afternoon at 1:30 pm. This would be a fun¬†outing if you have to babysit your younger siblings.


Then February 24th, it’s karaoke night. Bring your friend and¬†let that hidden singer in you out!


Finally, March 17th,**drum roll** you’ll have the opportunity to have fun¬†with our green screen ! Here are some of the pictures we took at Quinte Mini Con, demonstrating¬†the amazing possibilities of that highly technological device.

gspic1 gspic2 gspic3 gspic4

We hope to see you at one of these exciting events. Don’t miss these great opportunities to have fun.

It’s that time of year again. The one where we make a resolution and stick to it for a full year. Well, try to stick to it at least.

Why not try to read a complete series of novels for 2017 ? Just be realistic¬†about it:¬†avid readers may choose a series of twelves books and go through it in a week, while others could choose a series of three books and take¬†the full year to finish¬†it up. Both options are equally good in my opinion, as¬†long as you’re comfortable with your choice.

Here are some suggestion for you guys: the first book in a few series we have at the library, from various genres.

ashesilsabick  deepbluejenniferdonnelly  kingdomdawnchuckblack lockdownalexandersmith    stormbreakeranthonyhorowitz thealistzoeydean  thedaughtersjoannaphilbin  thegallowcurseandrewhammond theselectionkieracass  timeridersalexscarrow  wayofthewarriorchrisbradford merchantofdeaddjmachale

May 2017 be a year of discovery, adventure, happiness and great books to you.

Christmas always lights up imagination. Lots of writers, artists and filmmakers use this time of the year as a magical setting for great stories. Romance, comedy or mystery, the spirit of the season adds something special to any tale.

Go get a blanket and a hot chocolate, here are some suggestions to read or watch that will help you get in the mood for the holidays.

Here are some books you can get at the library:

winter-shadowswhat-lightsnowglobe  what-child  sweet-reinsaving-red   over-a-boy-called-christmaslast-christmasarchiebatman   black-butterflydash-and-lily pretty-little-liartop-ten-cluestwelve-days-dash

Would you¬†prefer movies? You can borrow these from the library as well. Actually you should watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas” at least once, or every year like¬†I do. ūüôā

dvd-the_nightmare_before_christmas_poster  dvd-christmas-in-boston   dvd-12-wishes

You can’t come to the library? If you have a library¬†card, we can come to you. These titles are on Overdrive¬†which you¬†can access¬†here.

over-christmas-tales-of-terror  over-unlikely-romance  over-christmas-angel

Wishing you a very happy holiday!

Our Magical Hogwarts Party

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    This month for our Teen Connection program, we had a Hogwarts Party at the Library. We had a blast !


Here are some pictures.

hp1   hp4

hp   hp3

hermioneYou feel sorry for missing all the fun?

Keep your eyes open for our next great events !

In the meantime, why don’t you read Harry Potter’s Books ?